Roanoke County's first craft brewery
A classic downtown brewery experience

A Destination

We like to think of ourselves as a place to come to visit with family and close friends - a place where growing and fostering a sense of community is a main priority. We are here to truly serve you, educate where we can, and learn as well. With that said, come cross the creeks to great craft beer.

On Tap
Here's what we have on tap right now!
Look and ask for Twin Creeks Brewing around town at your favorite restaurants!
Lemon Lime Barely
Hard Seltzer
Our gluten reduced hard seltzer base with lemon and lime peel and juice resulting in a crisp experience perfect for anytime.
Clausthaler ISO
NA Beer - 96 calories
Lake Life Lager
American Light Lager
A light and crisp American light lager with delicious notes of citrus in the finish. Perfect for a day on the lake or chillin' on the dock.
Athletic Lite
NA Beer - 25 calories
Creekbank Pils
Czech Pilsner
Crisp, refreshing, with the perfect amount of Saaz hops to round out this delicious crusher.
Athletic Upside Down Golden
NA Beer - 25 calories
Blueberry Lemon Gose
Fruited Gose
A tart and refreshing combination of blueberry and lemons in a German style sour.
Athletic Run Wild IPA
NA Beer - 35 calories
460 Farmhouse
Farmhouse Ale
This effervescent French farmhouse style ale is named after our nearby highway and batch number. It pours golden with a beautiful white head and was brewed with spelt malt, an ancient wheat varietal. Flavors of clove, pepper, and citrus round out this delicious brew.
Athletic Free Wave Hazy IPA
NA Beer - 70 calories
Guinness Irish Stout (Nitro)
NA Beer - 70 calories
Cali Girl
West Coast IPA
Cali Girl is a yummy modern WCIPA that has delicious tropical citrus notes and a rounded bitterness.
Cosmic Daze
A New England IPA and the first in our Cosmic IPA series has returned. Hazy and smooth at 5.8% ABV with notes of orange and pineapple. The hop profile gets it flavor from additions of Cascade, Comet, El Dorado and Simcoe hops.
Vienna Lager
Vienna Lager
Vienna Lager is a traditional German-style lager delicious, smooth, crisp amber lager that is full of toasty, bready notes.
Galway Girl
Irish Red Ale
Pours a beautiful red color, with well-balanced toasty caramel notes and a soft hop aroma and flavor, leading to a dry finish
Tipsy Canoe
Scotch Ale
Packed full of malty, toffee, and caramel flavors that are perfect for transitioning from winter to spring and sitting by the fire.
Barrel Aged Dopplebock
Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock
A traditional German-style Doppelbock that has been aged in Brady's Distillery Accomplice Bourbon barrels for 12 months. Notes of oak, vanilla, and bourbon along with the base of full-bodied with slight malty sweetness and a crisp and smooth finish.
RND Cafe Porter
RND Coffee Infused Porter
Slow Water Porter aged on RND Coffee Yellow Bourbon Brazilian coffee beans.
Winter Night Milk Stout
Milk Stout
Winter's Night Milk Stout is a creamy stout packed full of chocolate and coffee notes build the foundation with residual sweetness from the lactose. This rich, robust, and creamy stout is perfectly balanced for those winter nights.
Live On the Dock
Live Music on the Twin Creeks Stage
Bingo every Wednesday 6:30pm
Trivia every Thursday 6:30pm
04/26/246:30-9:30Adam Markham
04/27/244-5:30Tim Rowlett
04/27/246:30-9:30Area 581
05/03/246:30-9:30The Oddfellows
05/04/246:30-9:30Tim Rowlett
05/11/246:30-9:30Chad Nickell and the Loose Change
05/17/246:30-9:30Tin Can Locomotive
05/25/246:30-9:30War Chile
05/31/246:30-9:30Adam Hill Trio
06/01/246:30-9:30Seph Custer and the Flatbreaks
06/07/246:30-9:30Karlee Raye Band
Our Story

Twin Creeks Brewing Company is a dream that has been growing for over eight years. The dream to build a brewery, to make beer, to be a part of a community, who wouldn't love to do that? We can spout off vision and mission statements all day long but in reality, it all comes down to the love of craft beer. A passion for great flavor, excellent quality and a crazy variety is what motivates us. WE LOVE BEER!!! Now that that is out of the way, here is our story.

In 2008 two of the owners of TCBC, Andy and Jason, bought their first home brew kit because they wanted to make beer. Simple and easy enough, right? Nope. That first brown ale was less than stellar and they made a heck of a mess in Jason's kitchen. It was apparent from the start that kit beers would not be enough, something had to be tweaked. With each new brew the kits were 'adjusted' by adding new ingredients and before long original recipes were being designed. From there, things got somewhat better. These guys started to make some drinkable beers and most importantly, they were having fun. After about 30 extract batches, it was time to move on to the next step; all grain brewing.

Fast forward to 2011. Not completely happy with the results of brewing on the stovetop or the higher costs of buying malt extract, Andy and Jason set out to design and build their first all grain homebrew system. After months of research on the web and talking with other friends who brewed, they finally had a homemade all grain brewing system. On a cold November Saturday on Jason's back porch, they lit the burners for the first time to brew an all grain amber ale. While not as good as they wanted, it was a huge step in the right direction towards what became Twin Creeks Brewing.

Jump ahead now to 2013. Barry joined in with Andy and Jason because he too liked craft beer. Almost as important, he, like the other guys, liked the idea of creating and manufacturing a product. Andy and Barry are both engineers, and Jason is in the business world, so they decided to take their understanding of business, equipment and process control and apply it to brewing their own beer. When the idea of starting a brewery became more than just a fleeting thought, the guys began to stop in at the local breweries whenever they traveled. Overtime, they have visited over a hundred different breweries both large and small. They have met many wonderful people that work in the industry and asked a ton of questions! Using what they learned from people in the industry and along with their professional backgrounds, started something called Project Ale Works.

Project Ale Works was like their own small homebrew club. All three guys knew the value of good equipment and process control so they pitched in and bought a really nice 1/2 barrel brew system and three 1/2 barrel conical fermenters. They added a small glycol chiller to the mix to control their fermentation and built their own microprocessor controller for the fermenters. In October of 2014, they brewed their first beer as Project Ale Works. It was Project 1.1: Pale Ale and the beer was really good. This first brew was the catalyst that propelled them to brew almost every week for almost two years.

Now to 2016. Twin Creeks Brewing Company will be Vinton and Roanoke County's first micro brewery. Back before prohibition here in America and even back further in Europe, most small towns and cities had their own local brewery and beer. These pubs were a source of pride for the citizens of each town. Town meetings and elections were held at pubs and even the American Revolution has it's roots in pubs. Small town breweries were the heart of communities because it was where the citizens got together and shared something that was truly their own, local beer. Twin Creeks Brewing will be the place in Vinton where folks stop by after work or on a weekend to get a great craft beer and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Cross the creeks and come join us for some great craft beer!